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First Impressions are Hard to Change

Many years ago, I attended a session with a sales professional from Calgary, Michael Vickers. This was back in the days when colour ink jet printers were big news and everyone was printing their own business cards. He was doing this too and he recalled a client once looking at his card and saying, "so, you work out of your home." Micheal recalled that he was quite taken aback -- his card was professional, wasn't it? Or was it? For that particular client, a business card printed on an ink jet printers meant home-based business. For someone else, it could say new and inexperienced or just too unsure of the business to spend the money on a printed card.

What does your business card, website, stationary, brochure, … say about you. Are you portraying your business the way you want it to be seen? Are you attracting the clients you want?

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